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Cors issue while accessing REST API plugin

I am using OpenFire server for integrating a chat application on my website. I installed ‘Rest API’ plugin on Openfire server. I can register a user and can access the user details by using the ‘Rest API’ plugin. I tried it by using Chrome Postman. I tested the same with ReactJS fetch() function, it throwing CORS issue. I enabled ‘Provides support for CORS’ option inside OpenFire server. But getting the same. I read through several solutions. But nothing helped. Could anybody please help me with this.

I know its not the best solution, but try an “older” version of the plugin e.g 1.3.1 That one shouldn’t have any problems with CORS

I checked that too and getting the same error. Can we have any other configuration other than ‘Provides support for CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)’ option in the ** HTTP Bind Settings** in admin. Or there is any other tweaks in Cross-domain policy.

It seems you mix, something up. “HTTP Bind Settings” in Openfire does not have any effect on REST API. REST API is an plugin and handle CORS itself. The REST API CORS accept all sources.

I have same issue did you solve it

Dear , i have same issue . You said rest api plugin handle this but for me its not working

Did you got the solution ?