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Could not decrypt incoming message: - OMEMO

I am sending message from Gajim using MEMO to my app but i am getting this exception - W/OmemoService: Could not decrypt incoming message:
org.jivesoftware.smackx.omemo.exceptions.CryptoFailedException: Transported key could not be decrypted, since no suitable message key was provided. Provides keys: [1197144668, 6874]

What is issue here and how can i resolve it?

Secondly , i would like know how can we send encrypted message in MUC

Firoz Saifi

You need to share more information in order to get help. How did you set up OMEMO in your app? What steps were taken before the message was received? Can the sender see the recipient device? What about sending messages the other way round?

Hi, i am sending encrypted message and the logged stanza is -

<message to='encinternal11655892610695@conference.dbchatdev.iworklab.com' id='3WMPI-90' type='groupchat'>
  <encrypted xmlns='eu.siacs.conversations.axolotl'>
    <header sid='1604960388'>
  <origin-id xmlns='urn:xmpp:sid:0' id='F8PD-8PBE-DYWA-5'/>

At the same i am getting Could not decrypt incoming message:
In the above stanza which i sent i feel there is "key rid= ‘’ " tag missing in header tag. So what code i am missing here??

I am initializing omemo and sending msg using below code

private fun omemoInit() {


    val service = SignalOmemoService.getInstance()
    var omemoStorePath= FileUtils.createOmemoPath(MainApplication.appContext)
    service.omemoStoreBackend = SignalCachingOmemoStore(SignalFileBasedOmemoStore(omemoStorePath))

    omemoManager = OmemoManager.getInstanceFor(connection)

    omemoManager!!.setTrustCallback(object: OmemoTrustCallback{
        override fun getTrust(
            device: OmemoDevice?,
            fingerprint: OmemoFingerprint?
        ): TrustState {

            return try {
                getTrust(omemoManager!!.ownDevice, device!!, fingerprint!!)
            } catch (e: IOException) {
                System.out.println("Could not get Trust of device " + device.toString() + ": " + e.message)


        override fun setTrust(
            device: OmemoDevice?,
            fingerprint: OmemoFingerprint?,
            state: TrustState?
        ) {

            try {
                storeTrust(omemoManager!!.ownDevice, device!!, fingerprint!!, state!!)
            } catch (e: IOException) {
                System.out.println("Could not set Trust of device " + device.toString() + ": " + e.message)


    //group chat listener
    omemoManager!!.addOmemoMucMessageListener(object: OmemoMucMessageListener{
        override fun onOmemoMucMessageReceived(
            muc: MultiUserChat?,
            stanza: Stanza?,
            decryptedOmemoMessage: OmemoMessage.Received?
        ) {
            Log.e("OmemoMessageResponse", "Received")
            Log.e("OmemoMessageResponse2", decryptedOmemoMessage!!.body)


private fun omemoAfterLogin()

//to send the encrypted msg in muc
val secret = “Mallory is a twerp!”
val encrypted: OmemoMessage.Sent = omemoManager!!.encrypt(muc, secret)

                    val m = Message()