Crash on acceptance of subscription in Spark 1.6b2 when you blank the NickName

Hello -

In Spark 1.6 B2 when you go to accept a subscription when someone adds you to their contact list. If you blank out the “NickName” field to get the system to populate this field from the LDAP/Windows AD “Friendly Name” the contact addition will fail and the user has to do it again.

I beleive this worked in Spark 1.5.8 and works when you do this same action in adding a new user from doing a search.

This should be consistent between the different ways you can add a user to avoid having to train people different ways to do things on different panels.

The real fix would be to make Spark so it populates the Nickname with the Nickname mapped in the VCARD setup instead of the JID when connecting to LDAP, but for now this is workable…but it should be consistant.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ways around this issue ? Is it a bug or just an inconsistancy ?

I am in the process of Pilot Testing Openfire/Spark before deploying it to 9000+ Users in our organization and little things like this make a big difference in training and supporting the application in a large implementation.


Hi Kevin,

the 2.6.0b2 has some significant issues with the roster management. But it is a beta. We are running 2.5.8 in a 4000+ user enviroment. Support level is pretty low. I do have less than 1 % of teh users asking for help during the Spark installation & configuration. And those 4000 users are not IT consultants or IT staff. Lots of sales and operational personal.

2.5.8 does not have the issue you are describing.

The main driver for us to go for OF and Spark was the fact that they are Java based and we exploited that by writting specialized plugins for OF. Stability is pretty o.k. with mySQL as database.

The only “bad” thing is the frequency of changes of the server and the included need for upgrades in the plugin world. We are using the external gateways and this is really pressuring to upgrade every so often