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Crashes with RDP and/or dual-moni-setup on Vista


I discovered an issue with Spark:

I login to my PC and start Spark.

Then I lock the PC and login later via RDP (Windows Remotedesktop)

to this machine and resume the session. Spark is still running and

usable by then.

Later on when I come back to the PC itself, unlock it to

take session back to the local screen, Spark is no longer running.

No error messages or so.

I think Spark crashes either while switching the session

back and forth from RDP-Output to local output or

while switching from single to dual-monitor setup

(RDP is naturally single, the console is a dual-monitor-setup)

or a combination of the two.

I don’'t know if spark crashes immedialty, since I always

discovered it a while later, when I wonder why everyone

is so quiet that day

I hope I could myself clear enough…