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Create a new custom log file for openfire server 4.1.3

Hi Team,

we are using openfire server 4.1.3 and capturing all debug log and error log but we need one additional custom log file so i added a trace log to my custom plugin and also made some change in log4j.xml but not sure why i can’t see any log file in log directory.

Any hint what needs to be changed in logger config log4j.xml (4.6 KB)

Hiren Vavadiya

For changes to log4j.xml to be applied, you’ll need to restart Openfire.

In more recent versions of Openfire, we upgraded to log4j2, where restarts are no longer needed for the configuration change to be applied.

i did restart for multiple time but still no luck with logs. If posssible can you please check the logger conf file ?

I don’t have the time to dive into this right now. First, restore the original log4j.xml. Then, making one change at a time, re-introduce your changes, restarting/testing between each restart. You’ll find soon enough where you went wrong.

ok thanks @guus i will try and post my solutions once i found