Create a new room

hallo everybody, i found in the forum the way to create a new user on the wildfire server.

but i still can’'t create a room and enter.

this is my code, can anybody help me?

function buildRoom()


chatRoom = new Room(connection);

chatRoom.roomName = “calcio”;

chatRoom.nickname = _root.regInfo.username;

chatRoom.conferenceServer = “”;


chatRoster.dataProvider = chatRoom;


eventHandler = new Object();

eventHandler.handleEvent = function(eventObj)


switch (eventObj.type) {

case “registrationSuccess” :





connection.addEventListener(“registrationSuccess”, eventHandler);



I believe the problem is that you need to add conference as a prefix to your server name. Not sure how it works with your IP address, but if your server name is myserver then the chatRoom.conferenceServer should be confrenece.myserver.