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Create accounts - by invitation only?

Hello all,

I am considering setting up a new openfire server to service as a communication medium for a niche group of people around the USA. Is there any way to allow registeration to the system by invitation only. If through a custom web interface, are there any examples or has this been done?


is there a way to moderate registrations to the system, so that they are in a “wait” state until approved by an administrator?

Just curious,




Maybe WebReg plugin?

It supports banning of users. You could invert the mechanism, convert the blacklist into an whitelist.

class WebReg, method checkBannedContact()

You would need better way to maintain these list, because its designed for only a few users. But that should be no problem.

That would be sweet if I had the coding skills needed to change it to meet my needs.

The simplest solution would be a plugin that simply requires admin approval of new users before they can start using the system. Does anyone know of anything like that?