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Create custom Spark Config?

I would like to have Spark (windows) pre-configured for my users when it is installed. I know that using the Beta skinning tool will allow me to force the connection to the server and we are going to do that (along with a custom skin) but what I need now is a way to set default preferences for the client.

For example: Automatic Startup, startup in systray, auto-login, play specific sounds, use sparkwords plugin to toaster pop-up and flash room when they receive a message, and so on.

Is there just a group of ini files somewhere that can be modified? If so, how do I include these configuration changes in the client install?

If not, how can I achieve this?


in %userprofile%\Spark you should find a settings.xml file. There is the server etc. stored so you may adjust it for every user and copy it there after the Spark installation.


That’'s great for the server (although using the beta skinner will include that in the install) but I need to control the rest of the preferences as well.

I don’'t have the time to walk them through “now click here and check this box, now click here and check that box and point it to this wav files,etc” I just need to be able to specify a “default” configuration using whatever, that I can either have installed during the client install or like you where saying, place somewhere after the install to prevent the confusion of explaining to them the where and why of everything.


I think that “Automatic Startup” is stored in the registry.

“Startup in systray” should be “” in settings.xml

“play specific sounds” in sound-settings.xml

You can copy the plugins you need to the plugins directory after installation just like the xml files.

I did never take a look at the SparkManager plugin http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/sparkmanager/ but you could find it helpful. It’'s free but you need to register to use it.


Thanks for the ideas. Wish it was easier. Like with the Citrix client, I take one ini file and set EVERY possible preference/configuration and put it with the install files and it gets converted to one of the config files on the local machine so the users don’'t have to know or do anything.

As for SparkManager, I use it now and it works great. But all it does is give the users a link on the server to download any updated spark clients that you want them to upgrade to. It’'s still up to them as to wether or not to actually upgrade.

I have already posted how to do this in this thread: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=19489&tstart=0&start= 50


there are as far as I know plans to extend the functions of SparkManager but as it is free this will take some time. Jivesoftware is always looking for sponsors, so if you’'d like to spend some peanuts there to have a much more easy installation and central configuration you should contact Matt.


I would be MORE than happy to sponsor an effort to centrally manage the client from the admin console. Either by extending the current Spark Manager or by having someone create a new wildfire plugin that would be able to handle the task.

I will contact Matt but if anyone is interested in the work, let me know.

I am looking to do this as well, so please let me know if this is doable.