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How to create a group in Group tab -> not GroupChat

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/smack/docs/latest/javadoc/org/jivesoftware/ smack/Roster.html#createGroup(java.lang.String)

hi flow thank you for you reply…

i already trying that like : mConnection.getRoster().createGroup( groups );

but nothing happen. is what i’m doing right?

I can’t tell without further information. What do you expect to happen? Or in other words: How do you test the success of createGroup()?

it’s nothing happen and nothing error.

i think if it success create the group it will show my group name at group summary …

but i try that code and nothing happen

I am not 100% and don’t have to verify right now, but maybe RosterGroups != OpenFire Groups

is RoasterGroup is the same as the third pamater of create entry??

refering from http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/15021

it seems that it will create the group if there is at least one roaster in there.

do you have any suggestion how to use roasterentry in group?

I think Flow might be right here, it doesn’t seem like RosterGroup is the same as OpenFire Group. I think RosterGroup is only a “local” group here and it doesn’t get pushed into the OpenFire.

Using Eclipse and Smack, I printed out the following groups and users:

Group List:School_Yard -

JID:mintberry_crunch@dnguyen-cti-pc Name:Bradley Biggle Status:null

JID:dhellwig@dnguyen-cti-pc Name:Dustan Hellwig Status:null

JID:iron_maiden@dnguyen-cti-pc Name:Timmy Status:null

Group List:Lunch_Room -

JID:the_coon@dnguyen-cti-pc Name:the_coon Status:null

JID:the_human_kite@dnguyen-cti-pc Name:Kyle Broflovski Status:null

JID:dhellwig@dnguyen-cti-pc Name:Dustan Hellwig Status:null

Group List:Sweet -

JID:holla@dnguyen-cti-pc Name:Bling Blign Status:subscribe

JID:natsu@dnguyen-cti-pc Name:Dragon Status:subscribe

JID:boo@dnguyen-cti-pc Name:Casper Status:subscribe

JID:test@dnguyen-cti-pc Name:blah Status:subscribe

Group List:Friends -

JID:the_coon@dnguyen-cti-pc Name:the_coon Status:null

While in OpenFire I only see

  • Lunch_Room
  • school_yard

So this leads to the next question. Does Smack offer anything that we can use to create a “global” group within OpenFire?

Dzuy Nguyen wrote:

I think RosterGroup is only a “local” group here and it doesn’t get pushed into the OpenFire.

No, RosterGroups are part of the Roster. A typical XMPP Roster is stored on the XMPP server and shared across all clients.

So what do you mean by RosterGroup != OpenFire Group?