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Create new rooms / Invites

Can the Create new rooms / invites be disabled? Management love going into permanent rooms and see what the discussions are about. However, the create new an invite promotes gossip / non-business related gossip. Anyway to disable these?

By the way, I’'m very impressed with the Wildfire / Spark products.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Hi djpratt,

In the server, you can disable the creation of group chat rooms from users. However, there is no way for the client to detect this. I’'m thinking of adding some discovery services in Wildfire to better notify clients of certain features and show the features appropriatly.



On the server (Wildfire Admin Console):

There’‘s a “tab” at the top …then there’'s …

Room Creation Permissions

Use the form below to configure the policy for who can create group chat rooms.

The radio button is on …“Only specific users can create a chat room.”

…There are no users authorized…it’'s blank.

This doesn’'t top users creating a room from the “spark” “client” side an inviting users in with a known JID to enter their “temp” room.

  1. They right click a name/user in a room and click start chat …(nice if disabled)

  2. They click “actions” then click “start a conference” then invite users … (nice if disabled)

Would be nice if the only rooms available are the ones created by the Administrator and that’'s all the choices one gets.

Thanks, Hope the above helps in being more understandable.


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