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Create new User object properties?

Hi all,

Is it possilbe to create new properties, like name, age, location… for object “org.jivesoftware.messenger.user.User” using JM API?



Hi Alex,

Yes it is possible to add as many properties as you like to the User object.

The method User.getProperties() should be used to get a reference to the users properties. Calling put(“yourpropertyname”, “yourpropertyvalue”) on this (map) object will cause the data to be persisted.

Note: It appears the java doc is not correct for the User getProperties() method. It says


  • Returns all extended properties of the group. Groups

  • have an arbitrary number of extended properties.

Surely that should read "all extended properties of the user. Users have …

Hope that helps,


Hi Conor,

Thanks for your reply: it was very helpful : exactly what I needed…