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Create queue chats on smack

Good afternoon!

I’m using to create a smack chat used to support users of a system of management we have, then I wonder if someone know how to implement some sort of queue of users,
where as they were soliciting support, would be placed in queue
Ordered to care for, and support are all busy, I would inform the position the User at the time.

I thank you all.


Why don’t you use Fastpath openfire plugin.

It’s simple to manage and i think that is what you are looking for.

Hello Gara,

This plugin can be added to chat that I created, allowing me to use their methods,
or is only to be used as plugin for openfire?


OK what server you are using as a XMPP server ?

and your chat will be acessible from a url on your browser ??

and what XMPP client you use ?

for me i personalized the fatpath webchat

then client must use spark with plugin fastpath installed too …

So i don’t know how can fastpath may help you but you can try as standalone and see what can make for you.

in my case i modified it to work as webchat, smschat and now i’m developping email fetcher from many POP client to send them to spark and agents can maintain an email conversations.

Hi, Gara!

I’m used to the Openfire server, and I am developing my client with Smack, where I created an applet and wing carry my swing application in the browser. There is a URL to access, has an icon (applet), which when clicked, opens the application through the classloader.
Thank you again for these tips Gara!

Big hug!