I am building an MSI for for Spark so I can deploy it and I would like to deploy it without using logon scripts. At this point I am only using a logon script to copy over my and I have customzied everything else (using full version of Advanced Installer).

So my question is how does this file get created? Because I want to modify it before Spark puts it in the user profile if thats possible. does it live inside a jar file (couldn’t find it if it does) or is this some scripting that creates it and would be a nightmare to modify?

Thanks for your help.

If you can’t find it in the MSI then it’s got to be Spark generating it from scratch, but I don’t think this should cause problems - if you can add the basic properties file to the MSI, it would be placed there before Spark is run and should be no different to copying it by logon script before Spark is run.

I don’t know if you can add files to the user’s profile from an MSI though - what happens when someone new logs in? Do you put it in the Default user profile?

You can not use an MSI to add the properties to the current user’s profile. MSI installers cannot target the root of the current users profile. Targeting the default user is no problem what so ever. The settings should be in one of the jar files.

you are right, putting the file in a users profile won’t work with the msi, also putting it in the default profile won’t work for users already logged into the machine. the only place I found a is in spark.jar and its not the same file. there is also a that has similar stuff but doesn’t exactly match the in the users profile.

Any other suggestions? can I put what I want in the somehow? the only other settings I need that aren’t in the msi already are SSO settings. I would like to put that in the msi so its all in one package.

The settings will be contained in one of the class file in the spark.jar file if I were to guess. I just have no idea about how to read the files or change them. This would be better asked of Daniel aka jadestorm or WinSrev. You may want to Private Message them directly.

That’s not entirely true. My understanding was that some packaging tools cannot do it.

Our customised Spark MSI package installs the product, and creating an appropriate config file the first time each user uses the application (and writes to the root of the users profile in the process).

wrll that brings us to the heart of the question. How do you get your spark application to create a custom properties file? The MSI installer can not do this, so Spark itself is doing it.

I didn’t package it, one of my team did. However, I believe he wrote a vbscript which is included in the package and run the first time the application is launched.

However, I can definitely say that Spark has not been changed at all; it’s the application package that creates the file.

any idea where that vbscript might be? I have gone thru every readable file and scanned thru several .class file but there are just to many class files, pointing me in the right direction would be wonderful.


Would you be able to give us a copy of that VBscript?