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Create user which appears in all users rosters (newbie)


I’m trying to create a user which will appear in everyone else’s roster, but my created user should not have everyone in their roster - the reason for doing this is to create a helpdesk type user, so helpdesk-user will automatically be added to everyone’s roster, but the helpdesk-user shouldn’t have everyone displayed in their roster (as it’d be too big!). Is there a way to do this via the OpenFire admin pages?

I’m a quite new to OpenFire (and Jabber generally) so hope I’m posting this in the right place (apologies if not) and I did try to search for an answer but wasn;t really sure what I should be searching for!

Any pointers would be most helpful



Hi Alex, welcome to Igniterealtime community

You can create a group to include all helpdesk support users. Once the group is created, there is a Enable contact list group sharing option you can select from the admin console. Once selected, all users will have the group appear in their rosters.

i think this part is perfectly done by openfire enterprise … perhaps you should take a look at this (eval. license is available) afair what you want to do is part of the fastpath (?) environment

On our server we are using exactly aznidin’s solution. We have a group “Jabber Admins” in which all supporters are. A second group “NewUsers” contains all users who want to see members of “Jabber Admins”.

While registration over our webinterface every user can decide if he want be to be a member of “NewUsers” or not. Though our Server-Bot Helga, everyone can join or leave “NewUsers” every time.

Before we had our webinterface and server-bot we just enabled contactlist sharing to everyone for “Jabber Admins”.



Thanks all, just been having a play with the contact list sharing as you suggested and yes I’ve got it doing what I want now We had seen the OpenFire Ent version, but just a little pricey for our liking (as currently have over 10,000 users)