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Create users and groups directly from oracle database

Hello there,

I am a new Openfire user and I have the following situation:

I have an oracle based application that supports some users. I decided to add some chat support in my application and discovered the wonderful world of jabber . After some reading and searching, Openfire server looks like the best solution for the chat server.

My problem is however this: since I already have my users, and I must say there are many (about 100), is there any way I can add my users to the openfire users table? I would obviusly like to avoid adding them by the web interface.

Also, is there some solution to add these users to a default group, so that they all know about each other? Also, via oracle

Thanks in advance.

I am looking for similar solution. I have an external system I am integrating OpenFire with and don’t have any issues with using the OpenFire users table. I would like to know what I can or can’t add/edit/query directly from an integration standpoint instead of having to go to all the complications of http posting and all the other… when I can just integrate directly at the database level for some admin issues, like users, groups and rosters…

Anyone know a good source of information about this? When I add users directly, the admin counts them, but they don’t show up in the grid. When I add a user through the admin, the only table I can see any data getting added to is the ofUsers table. So I am not sure where else I need to update?

Thanks in advance.



I managed to solve my problem by adding the users directly in the database. The problem is you need to restart the server after adding the user via database. Since I rarely create users in my application, this was an acceptable solution for me.

Still, it is not a valid solution.

Any ideas?