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createEntry Error

I am trying to add 1000 entries into the jabber contact list. theses 1000 entries are in a text file. So I wrote a program to open the file, read, and add to contact list with a for loop. Sounds simple. However, maybe there’'re too many calls to createEntry in a short time, the program always exit with exception after running like the first 10 entries. Exception is “No response from server”…

So i tweaked the program by adding sleep(1000) inside the loop…and now it works.

Is that a potential bug for Smack?

Hey Paul,

That sounds like a nice stress testing tool. It seems to me that the server is struggling to digest all your requests so it is not being able to respond to the XMPP client (Smack in this case) before the client gives timeout.

I think that adding the Thread#sleep is a good solution so the server may have some free time to process all the workload. You can also change the timeout value that Smack is using. Open the smack-config.xml file and change the packetReplyTimeout value.

Since we are also developing Jive Messenger I would be interested in running your test against our server. Could you send me your Smack “import” application so I can measure/finetune our server?


– Gato