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Creating a custom packet extention

Hello everyone,

I would like to create a Packet extension since I think that the PacketExtensionProvider will not suffice, it would look like this :

43 asdf sadfasdfasfd Hello world!

(the extension being the my_ext node)

From what I understand, I have to create a PacketExtension that has a PacketExtensionProvider. This is where my question arises, do I have to create those two classes for just my_ext or for all the child nodes? In some examples it is a PacketExtention that has a PacketExtentionProvider and in others it is the opposite, which is used in what case? Also, the toXml() method returns just the my_ext node or it and it’s children (as an XML string)? Is there some documentation somewhere explaining all this, I was unable to find anything other than the API.

Thank you,