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Creating a repository for the RPM releases

I think it would be very easy to publish the RPM releases into a RPM repository so any YUM or APT users will be able to use in order to obtain automatic update.

All you have to do is to run thin on linux

mkdir -p /var/cache/createrepo

chown -R apache:apache /mnt/dfs/repository

chmod -R 600 /mnt/dfs/repository/*.rpm

createrepo -q --cachedir /var/cache/createrepo/ /mnt/dfs/repository

Put this into a bash script and put in crontab or run it whenever you drop a new RPM in the /mnt/dfs/repository

Pass #2: publish /mnt/dfs/repository on a web server and don’'t forget to permit file index

Pass #3: configure apache

Alias /repository/ “/mnt/dfs/repository/”

Pass #4 (optional) include yum repository in RPM so it will configure yum on first rpm install (cool!)


name=Openfire Repository




I hope somebody will transform this into a record on tracker