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Creating a room programmatically 406 Error

I have happily been creating rooms via the XMPP framework for iOS for a couple of months. I installed the lastest openfire version 3.9.3 and while I can create a room either via my own config or just reflecting back the default room config as usual, invited users other than the owner/creator are now getting a “406 Modfiy not-acceptable” when they try and send a message after entering the room.

The only way around this is to adjust the room settings on the server and save the changes. In fact just “save changes” without changes to any room options will also fix the problem.

My server is using HSQL and is just a standard install.

Ok, if I make the default room creation persistent on the server then the 406 are gone and a when a newly invited user enters a room the first thing they see is the presense of anyone elese in the room as expected.

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