Creating an agent to a queue


when i add an agent to a queue in a work group through open fire admin console,in which table does the agent name and other details will be stored?

In the openfire database, on the fpAgent table. The queue assignment is done via a relationship from the fpAgent Table and the fpQueue table, joined on the fpQueueAgent table.

thanks for the info…but what’s the problem is…i am inserting the agent record into the fpagent table and mapping corresponding values in fpqueueagent table but the agent name is not displayed when i see the agent list for that queue in the open fire admin console. do i need to insert the values in any other table??

Secondly, i added an agent to a queue directly from the admin console of open fire and when i view the instances of the table fpagent…i could not see the agent name added previously. do i need to restart the open fire server to see the changes??

Openfire cache’s all the the fastpath information in java memory, so it always goes to memory first then at some point it ‘can’ refresh from the db sometimes not. I’m working on a similar issue as you are and so far the two best case senarios that I’m working on is

A. Finding a way to dynamically clear the cache after major changes to the FP database occur based on a trigger

B. Break down and make an OpenFire webservice plugin and send all the commands through the Admin interface down to the db which the affects to the DB take place in a few moments.

I know that the Proper way to do it is Way B, and that’s the way I want to. It’s just a matter of Time vs Directors Chomping at the Bit for output.

If you restart the openfire plugin or webchat plugin respectively you can get the cache to clear up. However I have had unwanted side effects from doing that. Involving me having to send out a broadcast midday to everyone to log out and back in again.

my scenario is i have configured LDAP with Openfire…when agent login into the portal…it checks whether the agent is configured to any queue or not in the fpagent table. If he is not configured values will be inserted into those tables dynamically. Then eventhough the agent is in the queue it is not reflecting the admin console and agent is not able to login into chat server automatically…

If you dont mind can you explain point B more elaborately as i am not much aware of open fire functionality.