Creating chat room for different groups?


I’d like to create a chat room for a specific group. Just to give a bit of background, I’ll have users on a website, and want to organize them in different groups based upon what part of the site they use.

I plan on using the openfire user_service.jar plugin to sign up users on the OpenFire server, as well as place them in the proper group.

Is there a way of creating a custom chat room for each group also?

I realize that the adminstrative panel allows you to configure groups to be members only, and also has a member list. Ideally there would be a simply way to add the members of each group to a chat room, in an automated way so that as members join/leave the group, the chat room also takes this into account.

On a related note, it doesn’t appear as if there is a way to automatically create groups through a web interface? Or is the only way to do that right now through the administrative panel?