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Creating groups in LDAP


I’‘ve create a group in LDAP, but it’'s not being recognized by spark.

Here’'s what i have:

  1. Grupos do TIM

dn: ou=tim,ou=accounts,dc=telbit,dc=pt

objectClass: organizationalUnit

description: Grupo

ou: tim

  1. Grupo de todo o pessoal

dn: uid=all,ou=tim,ou=accounts,dc=telbit,dc=pt

objectClass: top

objectClass: groupOfNames

objectClass: uidObject

cn: All from Telbit

uid: all

member: uid=manel,ou=tim,ou=accounts,dc=telbit,dc=pt

member: uid=maria,ou=tim,ou=accounts,dc=telbit,dc=pt

member: uid=augusto,ou=tim,ou=accounts,dc=telbit,dc=pt

member: uid=reis,ou=tim,ou=accounts,dc=telbit,dc=pt

With OpenLDAP, everything is fine.

Regarding Openfire, id this correct ?

Am i missing something ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Warm Regards,

Mário Gamito

just to make sure I am reading this right, when you create a user, is the users address youruser@telbit.pt?

Just not sure what you local domain is.

and if those are your values, then what do you have openfire binding to?

and what os are you using

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No, my users don’'t have the domain part.

I’'m using CentOS 4.4 Linux.

Warm Regards,

Mário Gamito

but the top level of your domain is telbit.pt??

and what are you binding openfire to??


I’'m binding to dc=telbit,dc=pt

Am i supposed to do anything else ?

Is the LDAP correct ?

Warm Regards,

Mário Gamito