Creating groups within wildfire 2.6.2

Hello all:

New to Wildfire (1 week) and having issues with group creation in wildfire server 2.6.2. Below is the ldap portion of the wildfire.xml. Users are showing up in the server but I’‘m still unable to produce groups. I’'ve turned on debug to have a look and cant make much out of the error message at this point. It appears to be making queries into the LDAP records but no cigar. Is it possible that I wil have to create the groups within LDAP first and pull into Wildfire? Posix mode is set to TRUE. Is this the bug that involves groups within wildfire 2.6.2?


What are you using as your LDAP server?

Can you post your entire ldap section including the groupSearchFilter?


we are using OpenLDAP 2.1.25-1


When using LdapGroupProvider groups are read from LDAP and cannot be created from the admin console. What you can do from the admin console is configure the group properties to turn it into a shared group. As Carlos mentioned you will need to check the groupSearchFilter to make sure that groups are correctly found on LDAP. BTW, if you create new groups on LDAP then you may need to restart Wildfire.


– Gato

below is the provider information.

not quite sure where to look for the groupsearchfilter…

is the groupsearchfilter a line to be included in the conf/wildfire.xml?

excerpt from error logs

at org.jivesoftware.admin.AuthCheckFilter.doFilter(

LDAP portion of conf/wildfire.xml

Can someone provide me with a recommendation to the next step?

it appears that my base dn was incorrectly set. I have the groups in the console now, reading from ldap