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Creating Mass Accounts


I’m starting to configure an Openfire Server without an LDAP.

I want to create mass accounts (more than 100). My idea is to build a PHP or a PERL script to insert users in the MySQL databse.

The problem is for the password. I don’t know how passwords are encrypted in the database. It seems not to be a MD5 encryption.

Can you help about that. Can I leave a blank field in account for the first connection ?

Thanks a lot for your answer !

Are those going to be real accounts or just accounts for a test? If they are test accounts you can use the user creation plugin that will create accounts, populate rosters and create vcards.


– Gato

Real accounts. I saw 2 plug-ins :

  • Generate a file with the Import/export plugin

  • Requests from User Service plugin

Maybe those will be fine but I prefer to populate my databse with a MySQL insert script.

Why did you say that I can use the pluginfor test accounts ? That’s not a godd idea for real account (for production) ?