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Creating Server 2 Server Connections

Hey All,

Im currently trying to create a Server 2 Server connection between 2 openfire servers between 2 domains. I have read through the Server 2 Server FAQ and created the appropriate firewall rules and SRV DNS Records and CNAME records for the Chat Services. I can also verify that I can telnet to and from both XMPP Servers on 5269.

However in Spark I am still receiving the Unable to locate the conference service error.

In the logs on the openfire server I am seeing the following:

Closing session due to incorrect hostname in stream header.
Unable to create a new sessions: Dialback (as a fallback) failed.
Unable to Authenticate: Fail to create new session.

Are these related as to why I am unable to connect both servers together? Is there anything else I need to be aware of when creating Server 2 Server Connections?

check your s2s settings? are you requiring encryption? if so, are you using self-signed certs: if yes, then be sure to enable the allow self-signed certs option.

I’ve got the encryption set to optional (Default Setting from Memory). Domain is using a self signed certificate and I have enabled the allow self-signed certs option. I have connectivity both ways between my domain and another domain and we can both add each others chat rooms / services etc. However that connection is intermittent and will sometimes drop and then come back 10 minutes later.

The other domain I am trying to connect to can add my domains chat rooms and services, however from my domain I am unable to add their chat room services.