Creating Spark Plugin: problem with ant and some general questions


i want do create a new Spark plugin using Eclipse.

I downloaded current Spark sources.

I put the plugin source into build/builder/src/de/myproject/, modified build/builder/src/plugin.xml as necessary and did an “ant jar” on build/builder/build/build.xml .

Then, the following error occurs:

Buildfile: /home/aaron/SourceCodeManagement/source/spark/build/builder/build/build.xml



Created dir: /home/aaron/SourceCodeManagement/source/spark/build/builder/build/classes

Compiling 1 source file to /home/aaron/SourceCodeManagement/source/spark/build/builder/build/classes


/home/aaron/SourceCodeManagement/source/spark/build/builder/build/build.xml:33: /home/aaron/SourceCodeManagement/source/spark/build/spark/lib not found.

Total time: 998 milliseconds

  1. Any ideas?

  2. Any hints on how to use Eclipse for creating plugins, if possible without relying on Ant too much?

  3. Is using the Spark source for developing plugins okay? I was confused since there is also the Sparkplugs download which seems outdated though (its version number is 1.1x whereas current Spark is 2.x)



Hey Aaron,

You can still use the Sparkplug dev pack, You will just need to add an XML element of in the plugin.xml and just put the contents of the most recent Spark into the spark directory that came with the Sparkplug dev download.

It seems all you are having a problem with is the path to the lib directory.

Have you first compiled the Spark source from the svn repository before compiling your plugin?

Or if you wanted to… edit your ant script to point to the lib directory for spark.