Cross-domain error using the User Service Plugin

I can’t move past the cross-domain access restriction while attempting to use the User Service Plugin:

While Openfire has a general cross-domain policy for Bosh, does this plugin also need such a policy to successfully make REST calls?

As of now I can’t even make a basic call through via AJAX: http://win7vmaaslam:9090/plugins/userService/users

I can however make this call successfully through Postman.

I have tried both the HTTP Basic Auth as well as the Key Auth

JS Code:


type: ‘GET’,

        url: '[http://win7vmaaslam:9090/plugins/userService/users](http://win7vmaaslam:9090/plugins/userService/users)',

headers: {

            "Authorization": "mysecretkey"


success: function (data) {




Please help! Thanks.