Crossdomain.xml makes XIFF pretty useless, doesn''t it?

Now just to clear that up - flash 7 and every following version will not connect to server unless the server has a crossdomain policy declared, which automatically means that a jabber client created by XIFF library would not connect to any server out there, unless this server specifically was meant for XIFF and somebody thought of putting crossdomain.xml. Am I right?

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yes, it’'s true…

In Flash 8 you can choose in what directory the crossdomain file is it.

If you using a private server with wildfire or using a public server that you have some access to put a file in it, XIFF works perfectly.

You can configure it in the Flash player settings too.

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Take a look at this.

Well, but that is only for the case that i OWN/HAVE ACCESS TO a server. if i want to connect it however to a popular server like it would not work because most probably the google chaps didn’'t put crossdomain.xml, right?

Exactly … XIFF is designed primarily for developers who have access to the XMPP server they will be using. Unless Google makes it, there will probably never be a web-based XIFF client for Google Talk There are lots of hosting providers who offer XMPP server support though.

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If you wanted to distribute a xiff client and had a way to make some money doing so, you could always proxy the connection through a server you have access to. this would in essence give you access to connecting to any jabber server assuming it is geared to handle the null byte flash sends at the end of every socket send.