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Crossdomain.xml support in Wildfire

Hey all,

Based on a feature request in the Wildfire forums, I’‘ve filed the following feature request: JM-537. I’‘d like to get everyone’‘s input on the feature request to make sure I’'m understanding what we should add to the server correctly.



So you are going to make crossdomain.xml built-in in Wildfire? So, every Flash client would be able to login to Wildfire server with no probs? I think this is a good idea

Agreed…this would make deployment a lot easier for the more casual Flash developer and site admin. While it isn’'t particular hard to deploy a simple http listener to return the right xml, for the ultra security concerned who want to minimize open ports or running apps on their servers, this helps too.

It would be nice if the mechanism could be somewhat data driven (external config file) just in case the challenge and response form changes in the future.


So what ever happened to this request? I’‘m trying to develop using the XIFF libraries and they work great on my dev box but up on my server - no deal. Put the crossdomain.xml in just about every place I can think of and it’‘s still not being found (for which there is no debugging feature to confirm by the way) so I’'m stumped. Looks like I have have a very nice, not-web-based, application here. B^(


All you needs…



well, make me an example without the wildfire fix.

wildfire running on domain: wildfire.xmpp.com, ports 80, 443, 5222, 5223 (support for idiotic firewalls that only use “trusted outgoing connections”, note that we can not use a website running on wildfire.xmpp.com to host the crossdomain file)

website + swf running on domain www.example.com.

first thing that happens is a http request to wildfire.xmpp.com port 80 that gets blackholed, and the only way to do it is:

fix wildfire to support cross-domain.xml

and use


Has anybody worked on the fix that this requires (getting OpenFire server to respond properly to a request from XIFF-Flex/Flash) and have an updated Wildfire server? I tried parsing through the source, but my Java’‘s a bit rusty and I couldn’'t find the right place to modify it.