Crosspolicy driving me nuts

Hey guys and gals, here’s what’s up:

I’m using the XIFF library to connect to an Openfire server. This one SWF also communicates with another server using HTTP requests. When this one swf is run locally from the supplied published html file the communication to both servers, the first and the openfire server, all commucation is fine.

However, when the same swf is embedded in a jsp file which is running on localhost and tries connect to the server, it does not connect to the Openfire server. In this case, this is the only packet Wireshark is displaying:

278 57.200775 Jabber/XML Request: \000

I’m therefore guessing that this is a cross-domain policy issue right? I have a cross-domain policy file at the root of the openfile server but still nothing is going on.

Any ideas? Thanks a million!