Current Spark Rev and Linux

It seems like the many changes that have been done recently has made running Spark in Linux harder.


Spark can’'t be ran by simply compiling the source into a jar then moving the spark.jar into the Spark/lib directory.

Must use an edited script.–


Spark won’'t work on a Linux machine with dual monitors.

Error: Couldn’'t find per display information

This is an error from X11.

It had worked in the past. Looking into recent changes and what might have caused this.–


Some of the UI acts very strange.

A lot of this is to do with JDIC. Their Systray Icon is horrid. There are chunks missing

from the Icon and the surrounding area is a different color and depth then the rest of the System Tray.

Then the ToolTips act really strange.

Sometimes they won’‘t disappear and other times they won’'t show up.


Lots of loading of Window required libs that Linux doesn’'t need/use.

I’'ve been working on certain plugins and have actually wrote in some support in making it more linux friendly.

I’'ll give links to the plugins and spark.jar that I currently have.

If people want to test/play with them, let me know.

If anyone has any other strange issues with Spark in Linux with it being the current Rev or just the current Release, Please post it here.

(Throwing it out there)


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