Current state of Connection Manager Module

Hi everybody,

as this is my first posting to the community, I’m not sure if I’ve selected the right place, but anyway …

It’s about the “Connection Manager Module”, which is still being provided for download as version 3.6.3 of Jan-09-2009 via Projects -> Openfire -> CMM:

  • Is the description there still valid? The references to a commercial software license agreement and support available from Jive Software suggest that at least something there is outdated…
  • Is CMM 3.6.3 expected to work with the current Openfire 3.7.0 release?
  • In case it isn’t, are there any plans to provide an update?
  • Even in case it is, are there any plans to provide an update under Apache license?
  • Are sources available / accessible somewhere?

And finally: Anybody out there who has experience with using the CMM recently, maybe even related to performance?

Thanks for any kind of reply / support!


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