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Currently registered transports via XML-RPC

Hi there,

is there the possibility to get the currently registered transports via XML-RPC or another method? I want to display the transports that a user is already registered to, but the docs only say there is add, update, and delete. Am I blind?



GATE-381 =) That’s a good idea, but no there is no current functionality for that!


I hacked a small patch together to fix this issue for me. I would like to submit that patch to the community, too. Unfortunately I’m new here and don’t quite know how to do that. Should I send it in unified diff format or some other format? Where can I attach files? Or should I send an email?

There also seems to be a security issue in the XML-RPC implementation of the IM Gateway. Should I discuss that here or in some more private setting?



If you don’t mind, email the patch to me at jadestorm@nc.rr.com and please private message me on here about the security issue? =)