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Cursor going back to beginning of message, then unable to send

Hi All,

I have a user on Spark version (all other users in her org are on the same version). She continues to have an issue where she goes to type a message to a coworker then clicks to send it and the cursor goes back to the beginning of the message and will not send. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it a handful of times and it’s still an intermittent issue as of today. Has anyone else experienced this issue? And if so, what is the fix? Is there a patch for this?

OS= Windows 7 32bit

Thanks for your help!

That’s sounds like a bug in 2.6.3 version when the message was actually sent, but it seemed that it didn’t for the sender. The only way to fix that is to upgrade Spark.

I mean, you can wipe her profile and maybe it will be ok for some time, but it will be back.

Thank you for your reply. I will attempt to upgrade it to see if that helps. Its confusing because everyone else in the org is on her same version, yet she is the only one experiencing this issue…

Thanks again!

As i’ve said, wiping her profile might fix it, but maybe just temporary. Although it says that even restarting Spark should fix that for that time [SPARK-1546] Spark visually shows that a message is not sent - IgniteRealtime JIRA It is also mentioned this can be due to low system resources.