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Custom auth provider problem


I have impemented the custom JDBCAuthProvider.java.

  • I am able to Login into admin console - It just works fine

Now, I Have other application running in production. I want to call the method which is in the production environment (That method will authenticate the user and password and returns the success if authentication is success else returns error message) to complete the authentication (Here, I don’t save the password in DB. It is an session ID of an user in Production environment). Now, authenticate(username, password) of custom JDBCAuthProvider.java is not getting invoked when, I try to login through the client (I am using Strophe “HTTP Binding” for my client) so that I could call the production class.

Could any one please help me with, How to invoke the class from JDBCAuthProvider.java (or any other openfire class) which is in Production environment?