Custom Context Menus

I see in the documentation how to add custom menus to the menu bar at the top of the client, but how does one add options to the context menus that pop up when the user right-clicks on a contact? From the API, it appears that only double-click over-rides are supported on contacts. Am I missing something?

While I’'m at it, another GUI question- Can I add additional items to an individual contact line item in a plugin (e.g. an icon next to the name to show their phone status)? Or would that require custom source code?



Hi Dan,

I believe your questions are answered in the “How do I add a context menu listener to the contact list?” and “How can I control the UI and event handling of a ContactItem?” sections of the Sparkplug Dev Guide.

If you need additional clarification please let me know.

Hope that helps,


My bad- I should have been more diligent about reading the help. Sorry for the dumb question!

No worries. We’'ve all overlooked things before.

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