Custom database authentication fails

I have got big problem with authentication.

My custom base stored password as md5. Our clients (JAJC) send password to server as digest.

Server don’'t authentication user

If I set in JAJC “send password as plain text” then server authentication me OK, but it is not safe even if I set SSL connection.

How set server to md5 authentication?

Any suggestions?

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you’'ll need some super computers and your users will need a few weeks to login if you really want to use digest authentication and passwords stored with md5.

I wonder why your SSL connection is less save than digest auth.



I know. I will not convert from digest to md5 or md5 to digest

I ask about can wildfire get authentication from client with password as md5?

If don’'t, then I set clients to connect with SSL and send password as plain text (~6000 clients ).