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Custom Database Integration: Groups

For some reason, it seems as if my custom database integration for groups isn’t appearing on my users’ contact lists upon login. Is there some sort of special property I need to set to have this loaded into their roster? I have something along the lines of 130,000 users, each with a group for their current site friends. Anything that doesn’t require me to set 130,000 properties is preferable.

Thank you

Dallas Gutauckis

myYearbook.com Web Developer

Hi Dallas,

could you give some more details about the problem you have?

I don’t use the Group provider but I guess that Openfire does not fetch all groups (similar to all external users) when starting up. Only if a user tries to login it’s fetched from the ext. database. Is this also the problem with groups?


I don’t know that that is the problem…

  1. My users’ groups’ users don’t get sent to the requesting user as roster items upon sign-in (which I’m expecting, according to the openfire docs)

  2. In admin, my group summary shows that the groups exist (all 139,000) but clicking on a group to see the users doesn’t ever return. It just constantly loads.

I’ve checked to see if the query is hanging and it doesn’t appear to be.

I’ve checked my logs to see if there are errors and there doesn’t appear to be.

Any assistance is appreciated; Thanks.