Custom Database integration - user picture


is it possible to specify a photo for a user when using a custom database integration (via the jdbcAuthProvider or jdbcUserProvider)?



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I am not sure if the AuthProvider should be providing pictures. What do you mean by “picture” anyway?


Hi daryl,

I mean a profile picture of the user, which would be normally stored in the vcard table

I don’t think the AuthProvider provides pictures, a quick look at the source code didn’t tell anything about that.

Edit: Maybe I should further specify what I would like to do:

We’re currently building an AJAX Jabber client (and are currently awaiting the permission to opensource it - will notify you guys), login works with the JDBCAuthProvider.

To display the pictures from our users, I could either do a manual AJAX request to an API from us to get the picture of the user or, if openfire would support it, already get it at the login via a column I could specify in the SQL. This would be the better way as only one SQL Query has to be sent.


Any updates on this?