Custom DB and usernames with illegal characters

Hello everyone

I am administrator of a discussion board with >2000 registered users. To provide a chat-feature I installed wildfire and jwchat. Wildfire uses the existing database of useraccounts for user authentication, which works fine. (I followed this howto: ration-guide.html). It’'s a phbBB with a MySQL database.

But some of the registered users have usernames with characters, especially blanks, which lead to illegal JIDs. Of course, those users cannot use the jabber server. Is there any kind of workaround to make it possible for those users to connect to wildfire? Something like a SQL-mapping of blanks to underscores or some other character to make wildfire “see” legal JIDs?

I have read two JEP about JID escaping and according to a wildfire-changelog one of them seems to be supported. But even an escaped JID (foo\ or foo#20; is refused. Is this a bug (either in server or clients) or do I misunderstand the principle of JID escaping?


did you store the users as “foo\” and tried to login as “foo”? This should work but I guess that this is not an option for you as you can’'t change all the IDs in the remote database. Please let us know if it works, it should be possible to modify the JDBC provider to fix this.


Thanks for your reply, it2000. The users are just stored as “foo bar” in the database and I can’'t change the database-entries. I also want to avoid adding another row where usernames are stored as foo\20bar, because both would also require a modification of the phpBB-sourcecode.

Wildfire only looks up the first part of the JID and adds the domain-part "" by itself.

How do I need to change the JDBC-provider? I’'m not really a SQL crack

I have created a user “foo\20bar” in the board database. Well, wildfire recognizes him correctly as “foo bar”, but he can only log in as literal foo\20bar in phpBB and also in Jabber. Quite strange, so no solution at all…


you may need to be a java crack to modify the JDBC provider. I did create JM-999 to improve it but this may take some weeks or even longer. If you want to sponor Openfire and especially the development of this feature feel free to contact Matt.