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Custom Emoticons not valid?

Hello all,

I have created a .png file, made a zip file, i believe edited the .plist file correctly (i just replaced the cool.png with the one i want) but when I go to add it to spark I get a Not Valid error. I have tried adding it from my desktop as well as dropping it directly in the Spark\etx\emoticons folder…

any hints?

You icon should be around 21x21 pixels size (doesn’t have to match). Can you attach your new icon here? I will check if it works for me, also attach your modified pslist file. You can attach files by pressing “undefined” gray link in the top right corner of the edit box.

the Ruby icon is replacing the “cool” emoticon. Mostly for test reason. Eventually I would like the list to include additional ones (unless there is a limit on how many i can have in a set).
Emoticons.plist.zip (718 Bytes)

Dropping it to your profile wouldn’t work. You should zip it and put into Program Files\Spark\xtra\emoticons. Btw, check the structure of other packs. It should be Test.adiumemoticonset.zip > Test.adiumemoticonset folder > icons and other files.

I have tested you files and their work fine.

yes i have them in a .zip format. Is there by chance something else that needs to be added to the default installation of spark to allow it to use customized features?

Nothing that i know off. Btw, i’m using the latest SVN version, maybe that’s the difference. http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/SPARK-INSTALL4J/JOB1/build-609/Install 4j/spark_2_6_3_12555.exe

Don’t mind the version number. It’s like a 2.7.0 Beta.

And the other question about the limit. I don’t know if there is one, but i was able to add 10 more icons to the POPO set. Works fine.

  1. Looks like i am running the latest version

  2. note to self when using winRAR to make a zip make sure you select zip instead of rar…facepalm

  3. I was able to import it into spark without error, except that it now just shows an X in the panel that would normally be filled with smileys.

Any idea’s on the big red X in the emoticons field?

No. Shows fine for me.

For the good of everyone I finally cracked the code on this one.

  1. I had to copy the header (essentailly I took a .plist from a working emoticon set then copy pasted the first 8 lines of code. the last line being the first instance of in the file.)

  2. copy the proper end of file which is 3 and 1 thus terminating all the nested dict tags and closing the plist file.

  3. copy pasted a block of code for each emoticon:






and edited it for each emoticon i wanted. This includes the ones that are already in existence. In each block i changed the file name (so wizard.png becomes pizza.png for the pizza emoticon) the string is the text that the user would type to trigger the emoticon, adding multiple lines as needed for multiple text inputs. Finally changing the Wizard to whatever the name of the file was (so Pizza).

  1. Made a zip file and then put that file in the install directory \xtra\emoticon folder.

  2. In spark go to preferences then appearance. Click on the “Add” button and navigate to where you just put the .zip file and double click it.

after that all was well. I only really did this by going line by line in the working code and a lot of trial and error. I hope it helps anyone else out there who is having emoticon troubles. I find that spark is pretty flexible with emoticons once you crack the code and get a system in place to modularly add in new emoticons.