Custom nicknames in Openfire

Hi there, we are trying to set up Openfire to use Active Directory, but we’d like nicknames (i.e. the names people see of each other in Spark/Pandion/Pidgin/etc. contact lists) to be specific.

We’d like to have each users’ internal extension number before their name, e.g.:

[24] Joe Bloggs

[31] John Doe

We would store the extension number in a field, I was using homePhone in active directory just for testing.

I’ve tried doing this all sorts of way, after a bit of playing I discovered that this name in the contact lists is set by the “Name” field in the LDAP settings (as opposed to Full Name or Nickname). I tried putting “{homePhone}” in the Name, and that worked but each username was just their homePhone (e.g. 24 / 31). When I tried setting it to “{homePhone} {cn}” it broke and defaulted back to their AD samaccountname (e.g. joe.bloggs / john.doe)

I have found a not-so-nice way of doing this by specifying in the AD “info” field the full string I want displayed for users, so it does display as above.

I was hoping there would be a nicer way of doing it as having to maintain this extra info field isn’t that pretty - has anyone done this sort of thing before? It’s almost as if the “Name” field when setting up LDAP in Openfire only accepts one Active Directory mapping.

Hope someone can help, thanks,