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Custom room configuring question (room.configure method)

hi all,

i need to apply custom settings to room say

limit max room participants,

List Room in Directory

Make Room Moderated

Make Room Members-only

Allow Occupants to invite Others

Allow Occupants to change Subject

Only login with registered nickname

Allow Occupants to change nicknames

Allow Users to register with the room

Log Room Conversations

flag options

did anyone has successful usage of

public function configure(fieldmap:Object):void

from org.igniterealtime.xiff.conference.Room class

this also seems to be related to formExtention/formField

cant find any information of fieldmap parameter

thanks in advance

See XIFFIAN sourcecode.

Specially the configure.as file.

this is like telling someone to look into a Fiat engine and learn how the Porsche works…

It is a SHAME that you guys dont have a sinlge line of documentation for a most sorted library…


It’s your job now!

Thanks for the fiat engine, but before that fiat engine there was nothing (only Simple XIFF Example)…

Now show me your Porsche, just to have some fun

You’re arrogant enough for me to expect you did something HUGE!

Please write the documentation!

You’re the only one who is smart enough to do it, we are just children learning how to read and write on computer…

And tomorrow, if you have some time to waste, please save the world: don’t do anything!


look at that… these guys have all the time in the world to reply when they have their butt scratched…

boris…before writing to this thread… I tried so much to learn how to do basics…with your XIFF lib…I dont deny… your work… I appreciate it… but for whom did you do that…?

how can people make use of your libs…without a basic doc…?

isnt that ridiculous for a project lead to point out to a source code just to understand how to do things…?

I dont claim I did HUGE…I dont need to… neither do I claim to save the world… you sound much like a school kid.

XIFF is not my lib! I just made XIFFIAN You’re getting mad against the wrong person!

You know the ratio rules on warez BBS, ages ago?

Well, I explain you:

-You are a newbie, you can download 5 files

-If you want more, you have to give sth rare, or not yet uploaded It permits to download a bit more.

In open source development, things are a bit similar!

You cannot ask, ask, ask without giving anything! In fact you can, but it’s not fair.

I just received a mail from subscription, I just saw a jerk yelling “I can’t read the fucking manual”, I wanted to see it… It’s just funny to see such things!

Now, you may think I’m a school kid, then before showing you my ass (please, consider it as an insult), I’ll just remind you I was able to use their libs years ago… You may think I was a baby then… And you think you cannot do what a baby did? Poor tendency7… you want some milk?

thanks for your friendly post…

why are you using this forum to promote your half documented XIFFIAN by asking people to look into YOUR code if they ask any doubts…?

does that contribute any of your skills to the community or shows the miss use of this forum by indirectly advertising your product ?.

instead of asking people to take a look at your code ( I dont believe everyone understands that better than a simple line of explanation or a code snippet)…why dont you just write down here a answer of how you did in your XIFFIAN…? Just want to prove how great your contribution was or wat ?.

hehe nice conversation. This dont help me in my work but it make me a bit more happy person

to be true im writing a huge chat module with lots of bbusiness logic for a very huge application and not sure if POWER of openfire compensate BETA of xiff

there was another chance in using JMS(LifeCycle data services) a bit more work and a bit more confidence in result.

I spent few weeks in investigatement if xiff-openfire and still getting null-pointer exceptions and no confidence that i use everything in right way…

p.s. if using lcds ive finished already long time ago with this.

Are you using “XIFF 2beta4” or “XIFF in AS3 beta”?

2b4 modification:

in FormField.as — public function getAllOptions():Array (line 240)


value: myOptionNodes[i].firstChild.nodeValue


value: myOptionNodes[i].firstChild.firstChild

For 2b4 version, it works very well…

for AS3 beta, didn’t tried yet, a long work before XIFFIAN is ported to AS3… unfortunately…

It was no as easy as I expected, but it works very well…

for tendency8:

not my favourite style of proggraming like


but thanks anyway , using beta is always risky.

usually bugfixing takes 40% dev time but in this chat it take x 2.5 already hopefully end with this in few weeks