Custom Roster


I am trying to deploy wildfire on my site. I currently have a friends table that matches the users up and I would like to use this table to generate the roster. (So if user A and user B are friends in the friends table they will show up in each other’'s rosters) Is there anyway I could do this without hacking the wildfire source directly?



You could insert the proper rows into the database (while Wildfire is shut down).

This is not an option because of sheer number of tuples in the friends table as well as the number of rows that are added each day is quite high.

Table JIVEROSTER contains a pair A->B, B->A.

Table JIVEID IDTYPE=18 contains ID of next roster. ID increment = 5, so you will have 1,6,11… etc. ID must be more than current ROSTERID in JIVEROSTER.

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Well, you could write a plugin for this. For example, the gateway plugin does this for adding the contacts from other networks into the user’'s roster.