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Custom UserProvider

Can someone tell me where and when a custom UserProvider is used?

Is it only used in the admin console, or is it an integral part of iq-handling somewhere? I’'m just wondering if I really need to implement my own, or just ignore it…



AFAIK UserProviders get users from stores, and are used not only in the admin console (They tell what users are going to be on your server!). If you are going to retrieve users from sources other than the ones given by the dafault (I think it’'s Wildfire DB), LDAP, Native (OS-level) or POP3, you may need to implement a custom one.

So, does your task involve wildfire users only[/i]? If so, are they going to be retrieved from sources other than those supported by Wildfire?

I suppose an independent module (as or included in a plugin) will be better for IQ-handling with non-wildfire-users or such.

I will load my users from a backend store not directly compatible with the ones provided by wildfire. Seems I don’'t have to implement the full interface in order to load users, fortunately.

I implemented the loadUser method of UserProvider, that makes my logins successful. I can’'t browse the users in the admin console, but that is not important for us, at least not yet.

Now I only need to finish my AuthProvider, and all will be well