Custom XMPP based client-server dev. questions

For an upcoming project, I will be using OpenFire on Windows for server side and will write an iPhone client application. I have some very specific questions related to this custom development:

  1. How to communicate with XMPP server API without signing in ?

I have a specific requirement for a project that when the user first starts the client, even if he isn’t registered and/or logged in, he should be able to see a list of some specific chat room users.

  1. How to find out when was the last time a non-buddy user got logged off ?

Related to the above questions, when the user first starts the application he should also be able to see when chat room users got logged off.

  1. How to store extended user information ?

We have to store more information about a user that xmpp supports, like ‘favorite quotations’, ‘wall posts’, ‘last seen latitude longitude’ etc. Do I have to write a server extension for it or can i integrate xxmp database with my existing one ?

I will really appreciate expert advice.


in smack you can do:

XMPPConnection con = new XMPPConnection(“localhost”);



2.+3. no idea

for 3 you can use the table of openfire schema ofuserprop (username,name,propValue) you can store any extended property name and value in the name and propValue . You can use the

XMPPServer server = XMPPServer.getInstance();

UserManager userManager = server.getUserManager();

User user = userManager.createUser(username,password,name,email);

Map<String, String> userProperties = user.getProperties();

userProperties.put(“color”, “red”);