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Custome status message settings

Could someone explain the priority setting for when adding custom status messages.


So, i assume you dont know what are priorities for in general? In Jabber/XMPP you can be logged in with the same account from several places simultaneously. To acheive that you need to use different resource part of the JID. In Spark you can change your resource value by pressing Advanced on the Login screen. So if one person is logged in from a two different places, then priorities come to play to let server know who has the priority to get the message, as the messages can be sent only to one resource. One who has the higher (1 is highest i think) priority will get the message.

This more to clear it up as I had seen some comment say a higher number is the higher priority resource to contact and a lot fewer say a lower number is the more likely resource.


Yep. You were right. I have just tested and the biggest number means higher priority. Always forgetting


The OPTIONAL element contains non-human-readable XML
character data that specifies the priority level of the resource. The
value MUST be an integer between -128 and +127. (see RFC 3921)


For message stanzas, the server SHOULD deliver the stanza to the
highest-priority available resource (if the resource did not provide a
value for the element, the server SHOULD consider it
to have provided a value of zero). If two or more available resources
have the same priority, the server MAY use some other rule (e.g., most
recent connect time, most recent activity time, or highest availability
as determined by some hierarchy of values) to choose
between them or MAY deliver the message to all such resources. However,
the server MUST NOT deliver the stanza to an available resource with a
negative priority; if the only available resource has a negative
priority, the server SHOULD handle the message as if there were no
available resources (defined below). (see RFC 3921)

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