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Customising UI and functions of SparkWeb

Dear all,

Sorry for posting dulplicated threads here to ask the questions, after doing some researches on IM I have decided to impement my project using Openfire and Sparkweb.

Based on my requirements I need to do a few things:

1 - Change the SparkWeb UI, color, layout and css etc.

2 - Change some functions to be

  • Allow using php to communicate to SparkWeb to login user automatically, not asking them login details

  • Change chat room or multiple chat to be one-one chat

And I’ve got some questions:

1 - how can I change the UI ? is that possible? I think there’s a way to use Flex 3 to do, is this right way for me?

2 - how can I change the functions, e.g. config to one-one chat?

I am new here and just doing massive reading on the site. If your professional suggestion is posted here, it will lead me to a brighter way to success.

Thank you


I too am interested in this- I am a systems administrator who has used Openfire/Widlfire for a few years now and have had many requests from users to implement a small chat module in our company portal. A more vertical alignment of the sparkweb client would achieve this. This is probably outside my experience, but I would be willing to pay a bounty to a developer who can modify this client in that manner.

I’ve just run into the same problem. The solution is to use Flex Builder to edit and compile the source code. In this manner you can edit the look and feel and the individual components in the UI. Unfortunately, the problem I’ve found is that the source code on the svn trunk is not the same as the 0.9.0 release and does not function as well.

I’ve only been playing with it for a couple of days, but here’s what I’ve got so far: http://moscow.gcsu.edu/sparkweb-debug/sparkweb.html