Customize and modify the wildfire database

I have several questions on wildfire database.

  1. Is it possible to customize and modify the table in wildfire database?

  2. Is it possible to add new tables on wildfire database as I need to add several tables on existing database to fit my requirement.

  3. Can the tables in wildfire database to be renamed? (eg: jiveuser rename to myuser)?

If possible, how can i do that?

Hope anyone can help me to figure out this issues. Thanks.


JiveSoftware does often modify tables in the database during the update process. If you do the same then the update process may fail. So you should check the upgrade scripts before you apply them.

Some plugins do add new tables to the database as they need them. So this is possible without problems. But make sure that you check the upgrade scripts, JS may drop some columns which you are using as foreign keys.

You can rename the tables if you also modify the source code, the table and column names are hardcoded there. So doing this will break every compatibility.


Thanks for your reply. I have several questions.

  1. You did mention about the upgrade script. Where can i find the upgrade script?

  2. Which java package/java source code should i work on in order to rename the table?


Hi Melly,

The database upgrade script is located in resources/database/upgrade from your wildfire installation directory. It’‘s broken down into several directories named by numbers. The numbers correspond to which wildfire version you’'re running.

You can find the database related source code from org.jivesoftware.database package in src\java\org\jivesoftware\database directory of wildfire source code tree. However, unless it’‘s really necessary, I don’‘t think it serves the purpose if you temper with the existing source code because you’'ll have to recode again if you install any new releases of wildfire. If you just want to use your external database for user authentication or management of users and groups, it probably would suffice if you just follow the Custom Database Integration Guide.

Thank u so much for your explaination.