Customize Buttons

Does anyone now if you can add buttons to spark. I would like to be able to add a button that types in the word automatically. For example I would like to click on the button buy and that word automatically should appear on the type box. IS this possible or has anyone done this before? I am using window 7 spark version 2.6.3. Thank you in advance for any help.

It is possible if you know how to program and will change the code of Spark and compile your own version of Spark. There is no easy option to do this.

Thank you for the quick response. Would you be able to show me what I need to change the code and location of files that need to be changed. I am working with someone at the moment that is looking at the sparkplug kit but if you have anything that can help us speed the process that would be great. In addition is it possible to add a highlight feature?

I’m not a developer so i can’t suggest where to search exactly. Maybe you can take a look at Spark’s Fastpath plugin. In Fastpath it was possible to have the Canned responses which in turn appeared on Spark interface, so an agent was able to select a predefined response by selecting it from a list. Seems similar to what you want. Spark was pulling those responses from the server, but you can probably modify it to use a local list.

By highlight you mean automatically highlighting keywords in a chat? Again, you can try looking into Spark’ group chat code (MUC) as it can highlight your nickname (adding yellow background) when it is mentioned in a chat.

Thanks for the information. I will let the person working with me know.